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It is an unfortunate fact that teenaged girls are targeted, lured, coerced and or kidnapped from school grounds, walking home from school, abducted off their front porch, grocery parking lots, or set up by someone they thought they trusted, to find themselves sold into the human trafficking industry.

Children are targeted and abducted globally at alarming rates • one every 7 minutes specifically, teen girls 12 to 16 years of age.

Also, 1 in 4 teen girls in the U. S. are dating (most parents unaware), most alarming many studies have indicated that 1 in 3 teen girls dating is subjected to teen dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault, lured into sex trafficking, stripping and technology abuse. Unfortunately, this is today’s teen REALITY!

Understanding, preparing, educating and protecting children from the pervasive lures of sex trafficking and teen dating violence are critically critical and essential.

The Let’s Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence and Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls” (LTAB), ages 12 and up is an incredibly creative and engaging gender specific curriculum that provides content adapted from theoretical research and empirical data as it relates to the global upsurge of the pervasiveness of teen dating violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking pandemic.

This user-friendly, interchangeable 14 session series provides social-emotional learning processes with life skills components that assist teens to develop the ability to enforce, self-regulated attitudes, positive behaviors that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life in conjunction with promoting the importance of investing in high academic standards. This series is great for in school or after school programs, community organization programs, home based activity, faith-based or mentoring program.

The Let’s Talk About Boyz is simply easy to use and a fun way to connect with your child. This guides unique guided process provides an approach that easily enables adults and teens the ability to discuss sensitive topics. In addition to.Each segment provides empowering applications to build self-esteem, respect of self-image and worth regardless of culture, demographics and life's challenges.

This series engages thought provoking discussions to consider disregard of dating and encourages abstinence - sustaining from sexual conduct until an appropriate age and maturity level along with understanding some of the emotional and physical consequence resulting from intimate dating.

Teen girls learn to identify supportive relationships in comparison to an abusive relationship, avoid abuse even before it happens, how to identify and recognize predator traps and typical pressures that can lead to bad judgments associated with relationships and encourages restraint from indulging in radical and harmful behaviors.

Also, and just as important this series provides critical applications that simulate discussion of topics addressing typical lures associated with sexually trafficking, practice safety measures (to prevent abduction for the purpose of sexual trafficking) and character judgement of girls, boys, men and women who may lure girls into a trafficking situation in exchange for money.